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Dennis Rodman Arrives in North Korea to Promote 'Something Pretty Positive'

Posted June 13, 2017 under Politics

Dennis Rodman

Rogue Diplomat

in North Korea?

6/13/2017 7:12 AM PDT

Dennis Rodman is at it again, playing diplomat and trying to ease fierce tensions between the U.S. and North Korea … or so it seems.

The NBA Hall of Famer arrived in Pyongyang Tuesday afternoon for what appears to be a four-night visit to promote “something that’s pretty positive” and “open the door” to the regime.

Rodman — a former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant — is one of the very few Americans to have met Kim Jong Un. He last visited in 2014 when he held an exhibition basketball game and led a “happy birthday” sing-along for the North Korean dictator.

Rodman was mum on whether he’ll meet again with Kim Jong Un.

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